​No worries

 The Dog                                                  His full name is "Rip" but I call him "Rip fur short".  I've never actually taught him anything, he just seems to know his job.  He was adopted from the animal shelter and returned three times.  He was on death row when I adopted him for his fourth and I considered bringing him back the next day and that was over two years ago.  I think I'll keep him.  

       60,000 Bees            I haven't named them yet and 60,000 is a guess

Sister act

​Although the chickens are good company I decided that for the sake of diversity I would get some goats.  They're a Nubian/Toggenburg mix, a pretty breed.  Besides curiously trying to chew on everything, they can untie knots, open latches and destroy just about anything.

My happy free range chickens

I decided to get some chickens for company and before I knew it I had more eggs than I knew what to do with.  I had some labels printed up for large eggs but these birds are Rhode Island Reds and so I rarely get large eggs, mostly extra large and jumbo (often over 3 ounces!).  If you're up this way I'll send you home with some big brown eggs. 

First day of the Ponderosa Fire

Triggerhappy Ranch sits at an elevation of 2,000' on the plateau between the north and south forks of Battle Creek.  To the east are Mounts Tehama and Lassen.  Our water comes down from their slopes and allows for cultivation of the fertile volcanic soil here. These parts are haunted. The last free native tribes in the west were exterminated here about a hundred years ago.  This is Ishi's country and I walk every step in reverence for those spirits who reside here still.